Water crisis to end for J&K locals as Jal Jeevan Mission work is on in Banihal

Work is underway in a project worth Rs 314 crores, under the flagship of Jal Jeevan Mission in Panchayat Krawah Tehsil Banihal District Ramban in Jammu & Kashmir. Locals say the project is beneficial for the whole Panchayat. When it snowed, then the villagers faced a lot of problems to get safe water. They used to melt the snow to feed water to their animals. The water project brings relief to locals and they are quite happy. This project covers and supplies water to the entire Panchayat of Krawah. The locals had been facing a water crisis for years and with the water project all their water crises problems will be overcome. It will cover 351 households which did not have drinking water. They will be provided with a portable water supply, said an official.

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