Vitasta festival 2023 spreading the specialty of Kashmir to the whole world: Home Minister Amit Shah

Vitasta Mahotsav of Kashmir is the ambassador to spread the specialty of Kashmir to the whole of India and the whole world, said the Union Home Minister Amit Shah during his Kashmir visit. It is a culture with a very big heart, which has been introduced to the whole world. Through the medium of Vitasta, Kashmir is an all-encompassing ideology with a very large mind. Many types of arts have touched the highest limits of the art field here. Architects, artists and sculptors have been called from all over the country to build here one by one big structures. This is the region where music and learning touched the heights, so Adi Shankar called it Sharda Kshetra and established Sharda Peeth here. And those who have seen only 30-40 years of Kashmir’s history think that it is a disputed area. People think that Kashmir is a disturbed area. But Kashmir has absorbed a lot of such disputes and unrest, a lot of bloodshed within itself. It is the nature of Kashmir to move forward like an immortal flame. The picture in which a few years ago more than forty thousand people were killed by terrorism, the same Kashmir is moving forward today by coordinating the arts through the Vitasta Festival, said Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister in Kashmir.

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