CAs are invisible faces laying a strong foundation for socio-economic development of India: J&K LG

At the 12th Residential Meet of ICAI Members in Public Service in Srinagar from June 17-19, 2023, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said, accounting is not just related to balance sheets. Sitting behind the scenes in governance, they are into development projects, employment, rural development, industries, on the path of country’s security and economic progress and linking social and economic ideals. In real sense, Chartered Accountants mean such invisible faces who are working to lay a strong foundation for the socio-economic development of the country. Seen from this point of view, then the world’s biggest accounting institutions, the ICAI and its golden history, the nation certainly feels proud of the institution’s glorious tradition of contribution to the public interest and economy. The ICAI has contributed to the progress of present India. As a partner in nation building, the ICAI has partnered with various government agencies related to regulatory bodies and economic development of the country. It has continuously supported the implementation of various policies and made collective efforts for more intense and powerful development. Under the leadership of the Honourable Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modi, it has emerged as the fifth largest power in the world. I understand economic power born in all sections of the society and new resolutions take each and every sector on a new path of development. Whether it is GST collection, Foreign Exchange Reserve, merchandise, service export, private equity, venture capital investment, domestic investment, or a new momentum in the schemes of self-reliant India, infrastructure development projects, a new definition and culture of development has taken birth in all areas. I think not only has the political government of the country changed, rather, the country has felt a big change in the work culture as well. Besides, how to strengthen the rural economy, so as to stop migration from rural areas and many other important steps have also been taken for this so that the villages are empowered. People living in the village should be made aware of their potential. I would like to say with responsibility that in the last nine years, a new thinking has arisen in both the private and public sector. Due to sound economic policies, big institutions and companies of the world have expressed confidence in the potential of our country. I am happy that ICAI is actively participating in all these campaigns of development. Not only has ICAI built a reputation among the Chartered Accountancy Institutions but maintained global standards amid globalisation to tackle the challenges of business and trade, upheavals and competition. New changing modern mind has also set new benchmarks. Today ICAI is not only characteristic of the financial market and their role is not only limited to providing correct information but also maintaining discipline, maintaining the confidence of investors and shareholders and contributing in inclusive development. Your contribution will also be helpful in making better administrative decisions and better policies, LG said. I once again appreciate your mighty contribution in nation building. I express my heartfelt commitment to all of you, the Lieutenant Governor said.

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