Unlocking the Power of Tri Shakti: LG harnesses their energy for constructing a new Jammu & Kashmir

Farmers, youth, women, this is the tri power, with whose energy the construction of new Jammu and Kashmir is possible, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. This is the tri power which has awakened the lost soul power of Jammu and Kashmir. It has created a new faith in the society. The success of this Tri Shakti has touched new heights in the last four years. It is living proof that nothing is impossible if there is willpower and dedication to the most manageable goal. For a long time Kashmir was ruled by an autocracy, a gang ecosystem of terrorism, ecosystem of separatism and ecosystem of corruption. And how it destroyed the beautiful plains of Jammu and Kashmir, the people here know better than us, LG said. It is very important to cure this cancer-like corruption. For a long time the common man here waited and they were kept in dark by some vested interests who ran their shop and played with their sentiments. I say again and again that in 2014 there was not only one political change in the country rather, the work culture of the country has also been changed by the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Its effect was visible after August 5, 2019. It has also affected Jammu and Kashmir. Today I am happy that the transparent governance system is working in providing this system and everyone has had a fair amount of success. And this system is working for the interests of the common man, LG said. It is constantly trying to present public services with zero human interface so that the common man can lead a normal life without any hassle. The Jammu and Kashmir administration is trying to bring everyone within the reach of the government, said the Lieutenant Governor. A villager sitting in a far flung village is realising this today. The process of creation of a new Jammu and Kashmir has started. His opinion is also included in that, his voice also has an importance. Many sections of the society, who have been victimised for a long time, feel this from the bottom of their hearts. Every arrangement of the administration is devoted to their welfare. Now every man here is openly saying that I will find my way on my own wish. Everyone wants to make their own future, LG shared. मैं अपनी राह निकालूंगा अपनी मर्जी से, मुझे नहीं है ज़माने तेरे निवास का साथ

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