Transformation of education in Kulgam through PM-SHRI Scheme

The educational landscape of Kulgam district is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with 14 schools now included under the Pradhan Mantri Schools for Rising India (PM-SHRI) scheme. This initiative is a significant stride towards the qualitative enhancement of existing schools, aligning them with the goals of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The inclusion of these schools in the PM-SHRI scheme marks a new era of modern infrastructure and progressive educational practices. The PM-SHRI scheme is a visionary project designed to develop and upgrade schools across India, making them exemplars of NEP 2020 implementation. The scheme focuses on several key areas: modern infrastructure, innovative pedagogy, holistic development, digital learning, and inclusivity. Upgrading facilities to provide a conducive learning environment, implementing contemporary teaching methods and curricula, and emphasizing not only academic excellence but also co-curricular activities, sports, and life skills are central to this initiative. Integrating technology in education prepares students for the digital age, while ensuring education is accessible to all, including marginalized communities. The 14 schools in Kulgam included in the PM-SHRI scheme are now equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Classrooms are furnished with modern furniture, interactive digital boards, and high-speed internet connectivity, creating an interactive and engaging learning environment. Science laboratories and libraries have been updated to provide students with the resources they need to excel academically. The emphasis on innovative pedagogy has led to the adoption of experiential and project-based learning. Teachers are being trained in the latest educational methodologies, ensuring they can effectively deliver the curriculum and engage students. This shift is fostering a more dynamic and participative classroom atmosphere, encouraging critical thinking and creativity among students. The NEP 2020 outlines a comprehensive framework for transforming India’s education system. It advocates for a holistic, flexible, and multidisciplinary approach, breaking away from rote learning and rigid structures. The policy emphasizes foundational literacy and numeracy, early childhood care, and a curriculum that focuses on critical 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and digital literacy. In Kulgam, the implementation of NEP 2020 through the PM-SHRI scheme is already showing promising results. The schools are adopting a more learner-centric approach, where students’ interests and strengths are identified and nurtured. This personalized education model aims to cater to the diverse needs of students, helping them realize their full potential. The transformation of these schools has far-reaching benefits for the entire Kulgam district. Improved educational facilities attract more students, reducing dropout rates and encouraging higher attendance. Parents are more likely to send their children to school, knowing they will receive a quality education in a safe and supportive environment. Furthermore, the upgraded schools serve as community hubs, offering resources and support for lifelong learning. Workshops, vocational training, and adult education programs can utilize these facilities, fostering a culture of continuous education and skill development in the region. The inclusion of 14 schools in Kulgam under the PM-SHRI scheme is a testament to the district’s commitment to educational excellence and modernization. By aligning with the NEP 2020, these schools are setting a benchmark for quality education, equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

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