Transformation in Kashmir: From Street Violence to Prosperity, J&K LG Highlights Remarkable Changes

What was Kashmir commonly known for? Asked the Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha. It was known for street violence. What has changed in four years is that street violence has completely ended. What was the second major identity? Bandh calls were given daily on the instructions of terrorists, separatist organisations and Pakistan. Schools were closed, colleges were closed and curfews were imposed. Curfew was not imposed by the administration, terrorists imposed the curfews. Trade closed, business closed. Now such gunk has no effect. And those days are now gone forever, LG said. I consider the third major achievement as the beginning of common man living happily as per his wish has now started here. As it got dark people used to think, let’s go home to a safe place. Now in the western countries the way a young man enjoys late into the night. In Srinagar, the restaurants are open in the night. You will find many youth performing musical concerts on the banks of Jhelum. These are all big changes and I think the community here has accepted this, LG said. A country that is unable to take care of its own citizens, where people are yearning for food, and where civil facilities are completely finished. The people who raised the illusion, now the people of Kashmir have realised that our future is with India. And in that lies the growing power of India. The prestige of the country has increased due to the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, who has helped a lot in this, LG said.

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