Tral | Women Beneficiaries of UMEED Scheme Get Poly Houses | Start Earning Income

Tral | Women Beneficiaries of UMEED Scheme Get Poly Houses | Start Earning Income Insha Bashir of Tral, Pulwama, Jammu & kashmir while doing her studies thought of starting her own business so that she can be independent and not stay dependent on her parents. Today, every girl wants to be independent and to earn her own livelihood, tells Insha. Everyone has the talent to do something. I had the skill to do housework. I discussed with my family that the Agriculture Department is providing us Poly Houses on subsidy. I consulted with the cluster coordinator. I went to the Agriculture Department and did all the formalities. I was provided this poly house on subsidy through which I can reap many benefits. I am earning income through this, said NRLM UMEED Beneficiary Insha Bashir. Insha is studying M Sc. She thought by the time she finishes her studies her poly house will be well established. Apart from the poly house, we also get seeds and mushroom units on loan and other technical training through which we women can stand on our own two feet. The UMEED scheme here run by the LG government helps unemployed women financially, observed Insha. Another beneficiary Zainab Akhter said, earlier she was dependent on her husband. Today, I am independent. We have been running households and children through our hard work. My husband was in Srinagar for four years. So I did not get any help. Now I feel better after associating with UMEED scheme. I am grateful to the Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha who has tried to benefit us through these schemes. We are also thankful to NRLM through which we learnt a lot. It has been very beneficial and will be beneficial in future also. Ever since I joined NRLM Scheme, I have benefited a lot, beneficiary Zainab Akhter said. We couldn’t do what we can do today, said women beneficiaries in Jammu & Kashmir.

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