J&K LG Inaugurates Synthetic Track | Praises Youth Talent, Unveils Vision for a Bright Sports Future

J&K LG Inaugurates Synthetic Track | Praises Youth Talent, Unveils Vision for a Bright Sports Future The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha inaugurated a synthetic track in Jammu. He dedicated the track to all the players. He congratulated the Department of Youth Affairs and Jammu University and gave his best wishes to all the players and the young talent that has arrived from the country to participate. Looking at their enthusiasm and passion today, I can say that in the last few years, the young boys and girls have proved that the future of sports in the country is bright through the unprecedented performance of various sports in the country. Recently the Asian Para Games and Asian Para Archery concluded with remarkable performance, and our players have proved that India now has a new power to produce champions. Behind this strength comes new enthusiasm among the youth and increasing determination towards the goal, LG said. The Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi in the last eight to nine years has helped in developing a new sports culture in the country. Excellent sports resources and modern infrastructure were provided to the youth across the country and in different parts of the country. All facilities are being provided to talented players for coaching in the country and abroad. The Target Olympic Podium Scheme has been implemented to ensure that our talented players get all the benefits that the champions of the rest of the country get, LG stated. Today we are seeing its positive effect in the tournament when the Indian flag is flying proudly in the international arenas and surely we all are feeling happy, LG said. Our girls have performed brilliantly in many sports disciplines. Work has been done to increase the respect of India all over the world. Asian Para Olympics gold medalist Sheetal, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir, today remains a source of inspiration for all, including the differently-abled in the country. Earlier, India used to struggle for a place in Asian Games, World Cup and Olympics, LG said. Today we aim higher. Today, our players are fighting for the gold medal and their performance has given a new impetus to the morale of young players in schools and colleges, LG said. Today many people are participating in sports in Jammu and Kashmir. And because of this their dreams are getting a new lease of life. Jammu and Kashmir is now producing champions in various disciplines. Every day, our boys and girls are busy giving a new direction to their lives by realising their noble dreams through all the opportunities of sports. I consider the young talent of Jammu and Kashmir as the real wealth of Jammu and Kashmir. And with the new sports policy we want to ensure that their future is secure, said the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha.

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