Tral people regaining health with Golden Card in hand and not having to face medical expenses

With the Golden Card people in Tral are getting a lot of benefits. In my case, my mother used to visit hospitals for check ups and she had to pay. Now with the Golden Card in hand, she does not have to pay and her surgery was done free. The Golden Card scheme is good and for the benefit of people like me. Now we can take a sigh of relief as we are not burdened with the medical cost. Since the implementation of the Golden Card scheme people have got relief. Before this, people had to face difficulties in hospitals as everything was costly there for which we had to pay. Now the burden of medical expenses has been lifted and it has made our lives easy. Now the money problems are gone and everything is available free of cost because of the Golden Card. It has benefited a lot, health has also recovered and many poor people have been treated in Tral. Now surgeries are happening for free and more people are regaining their health. Before the arrival of the Golden Card was a difficult period for us as our money was spent on doctor’s fees and in hospital treatments, said an elderly thanking the government.

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