Teachers Focus on Secular Education in DAV Public School, Srinagar Promoting Equality & Inclusivity

Before the 90s, Arya Samaj schools functioned here in Jammu & Kashmir. After migration, Laxman High School started running. Teacher Sameena Javed says, there were certain issues as they had forcibly taken over in an illegal manner. Then the Court intervened and they were forced to vacate. Then going with the public demand here, we started DAV Public School based on Arya Samaj in Srinagar. There are three children who are Non-Muslims from West Bengal and the rest are Muslims. Educational institutions are no less than a religious place, said teacher Sameena. It depends on your intention. This is our aim to provide quality education to school children in a secular atmosphere where all are equal. By spreading education, your knowledge too increases, said another teacher. A student was of the view that this school was best as other schools take only students who can get good marks to increase the school ranking. Whereas this DAV school admitted all kinds of students even those not good at studies and then taught the children to be good at studies.

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