Supreme Court Upholds Article 370 Abrogation | A Landmark Day in Jammu & Kashmir’s History

Supreme Court Upholds Article 370 Abrogation | A Landmark Day in Jammu & Kashmir’s History Today marks a historic milestone for Jammu and Kashmir, etching golden letters in its history and presenting a distinct chapter in India’s narrative. The Supreme Court’s endorsement of the decision to revoke Article 370 and restore Jammu and Kashmir as a Union Territory on August 5, 2019, has not only validated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intentions but has also constitutionally sanctioned the entire process. With a meticulous examination of each clause and sub-clause, the Supreme Court has rendered a comprehensive verdict, a decision warmly welcomed by the nation. This judicial validation aligns with the parliamentary decision taken on that significant day, reinforcing the righteousness of the step. In the aftermath of Article 370’s revocation, Jammu and Kashmir witnessed transformative development. Instances of stone-pelting plummeted, fostering an environment where citizens can engage in their daily activities without fear. Local residents express their joy and satisfaction, underscoring the positive impact on their lives. Despite concerns raised through various petitions, emphasizing issues such as security restrictions, traffic bans, and limited internet connectivity, the Supreme Court’s ruling refutes these claims, dismissing them as baseless attempts to perpetuate a misleading narrative. Prime Minister Narendra Modi articulates his confidence in the people of Jammu and Kashmir, anticipating renewed enthusiasm in the pursuit of their goals under a framework of good governance and transparency. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha echoes this sentiment, recognizing the region’s progression towards realizing the resolutions set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He emphasizes Jammu and Kashmir’s status as a top priority, framing the ongoing changes as a catalyst for the betterment of 1.3 crore lives. Local sentiments from students and residents underscore the palpable positive shifts. With improved environmental conditions, timely school openings, and comprehensive infrastructural development, the region is witnessing a notable transformation. Females in Kashmir acknowledge the substantial change in the last two years, emphasizing the region’s departure from a tumultuous past to embrace a new era. The youth, once influenced by unrest, now aspire to serve their nation, reflecting a newfound optimism after the abrogation of Article 370. Prime Minister Narendra Modi extends a special appeal to the youth, urging them to spearhead the development of Jammu and Kashmir, envisioning a future where their initiatives elevate the region to unprecedented heights.

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