Srinagar Smart City drive for progress is beyond discrimination, it is collective and for all: LG Manoj Sinha

कभी चुपके से ‘Dal’ में उतर कर देखो

विदास्ता की तरंगों में रंग फेकों

सनासर के साये में बरसात पड़ी है

Ullar भी अब पाँव पसरे खड़ी है

हवा का झोंका Chenab को छूकर आता है

सावन की नयी दास्तान सुनाता है

मुहब्बत की हर कतरे में उभर रही नयी तस्वीर है

यह मेरे तुम्हरे ख्वाबों का जम्मू कश्मीर है

Lt Governor Manoj Sinha

The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha reciting a poem on the emerging new face of Kashmir said that Srinagar Smart City’s three projects and 11 Urban Local Bodies’ 16 big urban development projects and 9 Solid Waste Management projects in 10 Urban Local Bodies have been launched on 12-05-2023. All these projects have been dedicated to serve the common citizens.

The aim is to have an all-round development of all cities. The Jammu & Kashmir administration is constantly making efforts to ensure that the lives of the citizens living in all the cities become happy and prosperous. There is a huge contribution of our PM Narendra Modi and the Government of India in their launch. These projects will take cities to new heights of progress, LG remarked.

Srinagar’s famous market, the Polo View Market has been reshaped under the Srinagar Smart City project with underground cabling, seating around cities, etc. When the project began then people had many doubts, especially shopkeepers. They were protesting against the chance that their business would collapse. Happiness was visible on their faces after redevelopment when I met them. I was surprised to see the changes myself, LG said.

The Lieutenant Governor thanked the Municipal Commissioner and the team of the Urban Development Body. They turned that dream into resolution with their hard work. One thing has to be understood that whenever the infrastructure work starts, there will be some inconvenience. And if people do not cooperate in this, then how will the projects be completed, LG questioned. Small inconveniences pave the way for your future growth, LG said. And this inconvenience will convert into a great convenience for you in the days to come. And in this lies the better future of the people. The drive for progress is beyond discrimination, it is collective and it is for all.

Due to changes in the Polo View market, in the future, citizens will not only get a better shopping experience, rather, the business of shopkeepers is also going to grow in a big way, LG said. For Smart Traffic Management, patrolling vans and towing vehicles have been included in the Smart City resources. Multiple projects are in progress.

In the coming days, Residency Road, Lal Chowk, Old City markets will get a facelift. This has instilled a new confidence in people. I think the residents here are getting the inspiration to make the city self-reliant and to turn challenges into opportunities.

In J&K administration, heritage and development go hand in hand. We are not doing such work that development takes place and heritage ends, assured LG. Efforts are being made to preserve the heritage of Kashmir while simultaneously developing it.

Tireless efforts are being made by all the colleagues of our administration on how to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the citizens. Talking about projects, LG said that the year he took over as the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir and in today’s time, the speed of projects has increased by over nine to 10 times. Be it the city or village, good and modern infrastructure can lead to economic development and happiness to come in people’s lives. Our youth can get new opportunities for progress. Now the dream of Digital India is coming true even in remote villages. Our sisters, our mothers, the kind of interest they have are working at the forefront of economic and social transformation of Kashmir.

Development projects of all cities and projects of solid waste management for cleanliness are important steps towards ease of living and it will make a positive difference in the lives of millions of citizens, LG Manoj Sinha said.

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