Smoke-Free Homes & Timely Meals | Ujjwala Scheme Brings Relief to Families in Tral, J&K

Smoke-Free Homes & Timely Meals | Ujjwala Scheme Brings Relief to Families in Tral, J&K This Ujjwala scheme is not only liberating the poor women of the country from smoke but has also become a major medium of their empowerment, said the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in his speech. Ujjwala beneficiaries in Tral village recalled how in earlier times, there was no gas stove in their house, and they used to collect wood from far away, said women in Tral, Jammu & Kashmir. Smoke used to hurt our eyes. We could not prepare food on time. Now we have got a gas stove, with the help of it we cook comfortably and avoid smoke. The government listened to us and did a favour to the poor and saved them from the smoke. We want to thank the government for giving us gas stove and cylinder. Now we do not have to fetch woods and we can make food in comfort. There used to be a lot of difficulty in getting wood, today we have got a lot of relief, narrated a Tral woman. Earlier it was very difficult to get wood, even the children faced difficulty as food was cooked late, wood was not available, it had to be brought from far away, said a man in Tral village of J&K. Then the DC told me to fill the form and said you will get gas and cylinder at home. I took my whole family to Tral. There we got the form filled and almost 15 households got gas stove and cooking cylinders. Now we eat comfortably and our food is ready in half an hour. In our village, 4-5 households are still suffering from the lack of a cylinder, by March we are hopeful that they too will benefit from the Ujjwala scheme. The government is taking care of the Gujjars and Bakarwals, and the schemes are being made available to us, said a Tral man from the Schedule Tribe community. Earlier we had to get wood from the jungle and our hands got dirty by burning the wood, then we heard that we are getting gas stove from the government side, then we filled the form and the government gave us gas stove and cylinder. Now we cook food in comfort and our food gets ready in ten minutes, said a Tral woman expressing relief. That’s why we are thankful to the government. Our mothers and sisters are living with great respect and are living very happily. Also, we get food on time in the evenings and the gas stove works well, said a man. We are thankful to the government for providing us with gas stove, said the man in Tral village.

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