Smart Cities Converge in Kashmir’s Paradise | Focus on Urban Design, Tradition, and Innovation

Smart Cities Converge in Kashmir’s Paradise | Focus on Urban Design, Tradition, and Innovation This is the first opportunity when in the Earth’s paradise Kashmir, 100 representatives of India’s Smart Cities are present. In Dal’s beauty regarding the street and public spaces in smart cities, over the next two days, you will be discussing the experience in design strategies and innovative initiatives of cities, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. Smart cities means based on social security that which can give citizens high quality of life. Along with this are associated a lot of things. I consider it a public campaign to improve the infrastructure in cities and fulfill the aspirations of the city residents. Green sustainable and liveable cities can become the growth engines of economy. Therefore, the biggest goal of smart city should be to improve the physical, social and economic life of every citizen of the city, LG said. I feel that better urban design amidst the engineering of urban revival, you will also feel the warmth of this city, the smart and digital Srinagar. You will also get to see the richness of tradition here. The focus of Smart city mission is on smart city applications and also to revive our traditional culture. Within the urban fabric of Srinagar city, you will also get a glimpse of the culture under its heritage in City-e-Khas. And along with to tackle the challenges of the 21st century apart from the urban fabric of the city of Srinagar, you will also get a glimpse of its heritage and culture in the city and you will also see modern tools in sufficient quantity, LG said. You will also be able to see the preparation for future challenges and urban resilience. An attempt has been made to ensure that the design of each area is human centric and involves public participation and includes their advice and their voice too.

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