‘Sahar Khan’ drummers of Kashmir, who wake people for ‘Sehri’ during Ramzan

We get up at 2 am and by 2: 30 am we are out of the house, says a ‘Sahar Khan’ of Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir. Waqt-e-Sahar which means it’s time for dawn. They are the human alarm of Pulwama in the month of Ramzan. Around 2:30 in the night we beat the drums while walking around the city to wake up the faithful. We return around 4 am after covering around 3 km. They go around beating drums and chanting hymns to encourage Muslims to wake up for their pre-dawn meal/sahar, so they can prepare for the hours of fasting. These Sahar Khanas are our brothers who are doing good deeds and we are full of respect for them. These Sahar Khans who opt to be the drummers during the holy month of Ramadan are carrying out the centuries-old tradition of Kashmir.

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