Homemade incubator to make eggs turn into chicks innovated by Kulgam child entrepreneur

I have made an incubator. I had country chicken (desi murgi). They used to lay eggs but the chicks did not come out. Then in my mind I thought of making an incubator to force the chicks out of the eggs, this is the innovative story idea of a young boy from Munad village in Kulgam, Jammu and Kashmir. The child entrepreneur sitting at home made a three-in-one incubator which does three jobs. It does cooling, charges mobile and makes chicks come out of the eggs. I had faith in my idea and believed that I would succeed and by Allah’s grace, I am successful in getting the chicks out of the eggs, said the child innovator of Kulgam village. His father is proud of his son doing it on his own and bringing it to a fruitful end. I am very happy, his father says. My son has been working on this idea for two-three years. When he told me about it I was really surprised. When I used to go out for work, my son used to tell his mother to ask me to get some stuff for the incubator. First my son placed a cardboard box and put urea in it. Then placed 5-6 eggs on it. And later they turned into chicks. This made me happy and then the next year I got the whole stuff needed for an incubator ordered from Hyderabad. At first, slowly my boy did the electrical wiring and connection in the incubator. He used to spend hours on it. The innovative young boy from Munad village is making an appeal to the government through this video to help him make more such big incubator machines so that his state and the country too benefit.

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