Rozgaar Mela helping youths in Srinagar to lead better lives with suitable employment

A Rozgaar Mela was organised for the Kashmiri youth. The organisers said their intention was to provide 500-600 jobs within the state or outside. The youth responded to the Rozgaar Mela programme and felt it was a good initiative by the government. They need not go here and there in search of jobs. They can get employment in one place. Different companies participated in the programme to enrol the youth. The youth felt it is a good platform where they can associate with organisations that can give them jobs. The beneficial aspect of the Rozgaar Mela is that the youth are given training free of cost and provided job placements. The Rozgaar Mela is kindling hopes in the youth to lead a better life with suitable employment according to skills of each. The Kashmiri youth are full of talent. ‘Taleem se tarakki tak’, the Rozgaar Mela and the goodwill organisations together are making it possible for the youth of Kashmir.

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