Residents of Gurez valley happy with macadamised local and internal roads

Gurez Valley Kashmir

People living in Gurez Valley Kashmir are happy that macadamization of local, internal roads of Gurez connecting with main areas has begun. Zeeshan Mir, a resident of Gurez says, the roads were in a bad shape. We told our difficulties to the DC on his visit and demanded a better road, said another resident, Ajaz Dar. The DC took appropriate action and pushed for the road construction work to start. Ismail, another Gurez resident says, he is grateful to the DC, R&D department and the LG administration for carrying on the work in full swing. Officers like the SCO continuously monitored the macadamization of the roads. After many years we will see the roads in good condition. We are happy that the process of paving the roads with macadam is on in Gurez.

Gurez Valley Kashmir

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