Children in J&K villages keen to learn the A, B, Cs of life

In Jammu & Kashmir, Falak Riyaz, a school girl in Srinagar is talking about the importance of literacy on Literacy Day celebrated in her school on September 8, 2022. No one should remain illiterate in the world, school children from government schools in Srinagar opine. Everyone must study, even big people and small children included, says Muskan Ashraf. This is what literacy implies. Firdous Nabi, a teacher in Srinagar says, the main intention is to get this message across to those sections of people who are away from learning opportunities. Children believe that in day-to-day life, the illiterates have to face a lot of challenges, like the simple act of reading a notice board, whereas for a literate, this is easily handled. Firdous believes that children are illiterate because of their parents. This is the biggest fact of life, she says. If parents come forward and make the move in favour of their children, it is obvious that children will rise and blossom. Muskan says that everyone should settle in their life and this can happen only through education. There is no place for illiterates in this world, she says. Therefore, education is a must for everyone. The government is organising seminars in every village and district with the purpose of creating awareness and removing illiteracy. School teacher Firdous appeals to all parents in J&K to get their children enrolled in schools and give them good education for a good life.

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