Polo View Market transformation in Srinagar will boost tourism

We have been working here for 70 years and the transformation which has come today in the Polo View Market will increase its importance even more, said shopkeepers. The market is famous among tourists and with redevelopment, it will attract more tourists, feel the shopkeepers. The Polo View market sees visitors till late in the evening between six to 10 pm. The G-20 event will further increase tourism. The Polo View Market has been in existence since 1954. Mostly foreigners used to visit the market. All the dignitaries including film stars used to shop in the Polo View Market. The Smart City development initiative will further boost tourism traffic, say shopkeepers of Polo View Market. The Shikara owners are also happy that the transformative changes in Srinagar will result in more visitors and more business. The changes are going to be beneficial for all Kashmiris, they believe. In the year 1938 a lot of foreigners used to reside here in Kashmir. Today we can see a few of them but not as many as before. Now with the Smart City development initiative we hope to see more foreigners in the city. A young female visitor was surprised to see the transformation of the market. She could not believe that it was the same Polo View market. Her friends had praised the market area. The seating arrangements, lighting, e-cycle rides facilities were provided to engage the youth. The Smart City Development will make Kashmir shine, she said. Really our Kashmir is changing. There is peace in Kashmir and the environment is good for tourism. All the Smart City improvement happening in Kashmir is for our benefit. Kashmir’s pride is also increasing, said Shikara owners. All the cities should develop and progress and the residents should lead a happy life and the administration is trying hard in this direction to make cities prosperous, said the Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha. These projects will take cities to new heights of progress, LG said.

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