Property owners having up to 1000 sq ft houses in Kashmir will not pay a single rupee as tax

It is important to know that a minimum property tax has been levied in Jammu and Kashmir compared to the whole of India, said the Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha. It is only one-tenth of the tax that is currently being levied in other areas like Shimla, Ambala and Dehradun. There are around 5 lakh 20 thousand houses in the cities of Srinagar, Jammu, Anantnag, Baramulla, among others. There will be no tax on property made in 1,000 sq ft area. There are around 2,06,000 such properties in Kashmir. That means around 40 percent of people living in these cities will not have to pay tax. Imagine that you do not have to pay a single rupee in Srinagar but for your house in Delhi you shell out 50 per cent tax and proudly say that it is your house, said LG. He said that any decision taken is for the welfare of the common people. We are always ready to talk about it. The administration is ready to listen to the issues of the common man with sensitivity, said the Lieutenant Governor. Every department of the administration should talk with the people. Your city can be the engine of growth. He made clear that whatever money comes will be deposited in the department which earns it. The money of the citizens will be spent on the progress of the citizens.

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