PM Modi’s inclusive vision with focus on J&K

Since assuming power, the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s government has undertaken a series of transformative initiatives aimed at enhancing the lives of every Indian citizen. From providing free ration to expanding healthcare accessibility, the government’s commitment to ensuring the welfare of its people is unwavering. Moreover, with recent announcements, including extending the benefits of Ayushman Bharat to all elderly citizens above the age of 70 and doubling the loan limit under the Mudra Yojana, the government is taking proactive steps towards inclusive development. One of the cornerstone schemes of the Modi government is the provision of free ration, ensuring that no one goes hungry. By guaranteeing the continuation of this scheme for the next five years, the government is alleviating the burden of food insecurity for millions of families across the country. Additionally, the availability of cheap medicines at Jan Aushadhi Kendras, coupled with an expansion of these centres, underscores the government’s commitment to affordable healthcare. Expanding the ambit of Ayushman Bharat to include all elderly citizens above the age of 70 is a significant move towards ensuring comprehensive healthcare coverage for every segment of society. This extension will provide free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh, offering financial security and peace of mind to the elderly and their families. Housing is another crucial aspect of the government’s welfare agenda. With the construction of four crore pucca houses for the poor, the government has made significant strides in addressing homelessness. Furthermore, the pledge to build an additional three crore houses reflects the government’s determination to meet the evolving needs of growing families. Energy access is paramount for socio-economic development, and the government’s efforts to provide cheap piped cooking gas and zero electricity bills for millions of households are commendable. These initiatives not only improve living standards but also stimulate economic activity and productivity. The Mudra Yojana has emerged as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and job creation, transforming the lives of millions. By doubling the loan limit under this scheme, the government is empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with greater financial resources to realise their dreams and contribute to the nation’s economy. In the context of Jammu and Kashmir , the government’s focus on inclusive development and empowerment is particularly noteworthy. Initiatives aimed at providing essential services, infrastructure development, and economic opportunities are crucial for fostering peace and prosperity in the region. By prioritising the welfare of J&K residents and integrating them into the mainstream development agenda, the government is laying the foundation for a brighter future for the region. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi government’s unwavering commitment to inclusive development and social welfare is evident through its array of transformative initiatives. From ensuring food security to expanding healthcare access, from housing for the homeless to empowering entrepreneurs, the government’s vision for a prosperous and inclusive India is steadily becoming a reality. With a focus on J&K’s development and integration, the government is not only building a better future for the region but also strengthening the fabric of the nation as a whole.

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