Crafting prosperity: The Tangmarg carpet project

The grand carpet project that commenced in 2015 and concluded in 2020, measuring a remarkable Forty by seventy-two in size, was a testament to the dedication and hard work of the weavers involved. Located in the area of Tangmarg J&K , this endeavour provided employment opportunities for approximately 30 households, thereby significantly contributing to the local economy. Under the contracting expertise of Fayaz Ahmed Shah, the project flourished, marking a milestone as the largest carpet ever produced in the city. It’s completion, coinciding with the auspicious occasion of Eid, was celebrated with great fervor, with crowds gathering to witness its unveiling, symbolizing a triumph of craftsmanship and community spirit. Beyond its aesthetic and practical significance, the carpet project holds promise for the region’s tourism and economic growth. Its grandeur and unique status as the city’s largest carpet are bound to attract visitors, thereby bolstering tourism and providing a sustainable source of income for the local populace. The success of this endeavor underscores the potential for similar projects to stimulate economic activity and foster community cohesion. By harnessing local talent and resources, initiatives like the carpet project have the power to transform livelihoods and propel regions like J&K Tangmarg towards prosperity.

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