Pampore artist plays Rabab to promote Kashmiri culture

I have always been interested and keen to learn about Sufism since childhood, says Saraf Ali Bhat, a Rabab Artist from Pampore in Jammu & Kashmir. Rabab was introduced to him in Sufi gatherings. He used to listen to Sufi Kashmiri artists playing Rabab. Now he wants to promote this Kashmiri culture. Saraf’s younger sister says it feels good when my brother plays Rabab. His passion is to learn Sufi music and he likes to play the musical instrument Rabab. I too get inspired from him and want to play Rabab in the future. Saraf’s parents supported him. His friends also supported him and are inspired by what he does. By pursuing his passion, Saraf feels quite alive that he is doing something out of interest and for himself. This feeling makes his days happy, says Saraf.

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