Budgam brothers start fish farming availing govt scheme to fulfil family needs

Initially I started a fish pond of my own, says Manzoor Aslam an Entrepreneur in Budgam, Jammu & Kashmir. After getting help from the government we constructed two fish ponds of our own and two ponds with help from the government. This PMMSY (Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampdha Yojna) Scheme by the government can be taken up by anyone who is in a location where the water source is stable and in which these fishes can grow, then they can make a good profit. A family can survive on the income coming from fish farming and the basic needs can be easily fulfilled, says Manzoor. When we faced difficulties in finding employment then we used to think that there is disturbance in Kashmir and we should move abroad or move to some other state to find employment in the private sector. A lot of my friends are there in the private sector but they are not happy, pointed out Manzoor. Today in Kashmir things are normal. Anyone can do whatever work they choose to do whether a business or setting up a unit. The Jammu & Kashmir government is supportive in every way. Manzoor says I want to see employment growing here and to increase my income too. I want the youth to connect with me in my fish farming venture. He says he is extremely grateful to the government for giving him employment, employing his whole family and fulfilling all his needs which he had been aspiring for. I have started fish farming; others can start dairy farming by joining in groups of eight. I come from a family of three brothers. Together we have started this fish farming project to sustain our families. Likewise, people in groups of even three, four or five can combine to set up their own business even in the fruit industry. The government offers subsidies and to avail it they need to fill a form to apply for subsidy. The government is helping the youth of Kashmir so that they can stand on their own feet, Manzoor said. It is better than a government job. You do not need to invest any money. All the money is supported by the government. All you need to give is your time, energy, manpower, brain and hardwork. The finance is done by the government. Therefore, there is no benefit in running after a government job. Only precious time of the youth is wasted in hankering for a government job. Manzoor said, we were not able to approach or meet the previous governments in all these years. I applied for an appointment with the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha as I had some work and I was able to meet him. I am astonished by the way he met me and I have all respect for him.

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