One big task is to build J&K afresh restoring Kashmir’s historical place in guiding India: LG Sinha

Efforts are on to realise Jammu and Kashmir’s capacity to the full, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha addressing scholars of all religions at the Dogra Sadar Sabha in Kashmir. But one question keeps arising in our minds whether our challenges have ended. It is true that in the efforts to destroy separatism, terrorism, and narcissism, we have had a fair amount of success. But some challenges remain. The Lieutenant Governor then asked the scholars of all religions present at the Dogra Sadar Sabha requesting them all to think about it. I want your cooperation on this, LG said. He said that protesting against a person is understandable but no one can be allowed to oppose India, LG said firmly. Jammu and Kashmir’s two big tasks are before us today. First, the destruction of the remaining elements of terrorism and to finish them off. Second, is to rebuild Jammu and Kashmir afresh and to restore Jammu and Kashmir’s historical place in guiding the country. Nothing is impossible, said the Lieutenant Governor. Let us do such work in which national unity, cultural consciousness is raised and our actions never harm the fabric of society. It is the responsibility of the whole society to stand firm against the remaining ecosystem that takes the life of even one innocent person. When the fire of the torture of innocents will burn inside every person in Jammu and Kashmir, then I can say with confidence that the remaining ecosystem of terrorism will definitely end, LG said.

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