Friday prayers being offered at Hazratbal Dargah in Srinagar during Ramadan

This is the second ‘jumma’ of Ramzan. People are coming in large numbers to read the Friday Prayers at Hazratbal Dargah, the holy Muslim shrine in Srinagar. A large number of people from Jammu and Srinagar offer prayers here. There is a different type of peace around here, devotees observed. People should offer prayers and read Quran Sharif and do good deeds. Those who indulge in drugs, may Allah put some sense into their heads. It is nice when young people come to offer prayers (namaz). Then people automatically stay away from bad activities, said devotees. Here, the congregation is very big. May someone’s blessings be upon us too, devotees said during Ramzan prayers. This dargah is like no other, built in a big expansive space where we experience peace. People also benefit from listening to the Imam who conducts prayers.

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