Oil Companies Break New Ground: PSPB Golf Tournament 2023 Tees Off in Kashmir for the First Time

The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha declared the 44th PSPB Inter State Golf Tournament 2023 open in Kashmir. After coming, I think that all the misconceptions would have been cleared from your minds, LG said to the golf players and organisers. Last year 1 crore 88 lakh people came as tourists to Jammu & Kashmir. By August 31 this year this number has crossed 1 crore fifty-two lakhs. I hope that by next year the yatra will exceed Rs. 2.25 crores. This is an indication of one thing throughout the country that things have changed a lot in Kashmir. I welcome you all who have come here. I hope whatever time the players of oil companies spend here, they will take back good memories from here, LG said. ONGC official said how the organisation has been actively participating in all PSPB sports events and has won the prestigious Petroleum Minister’s trophy successively 19 times till 2023 and many times before. ONGC has 121 active sportspersons in 16 sports with many renowned players as proud ONGCians who have brought laurels to the country on many occasions. ONGC has also been promoting sports through 250 sports scholarships of talented persons in 22 sports. The official was happy to inform that 13 ONGC sports persons would be participating in the 19th Asian Games in China. I urge all the golf players participating in the PSPB Golf Tournament to play with a true sportsman spirit and enjoy the game, the official said. This would be among the very best golf courses the country has. Of course, there could be further improvements, it is a continuous process. But in terms of scenic beauty, the setting here, and the weather and air that abounds, there could not have been a better place to play. There were doubts in people’s minds about holding a tournament here. We gave everyone comfort zone to come and experience and play golf and appreciate the heritage of Kashmir. As a host it is a pleasure to welcome you all. You will realise what I am talking about when you play around here for some time. This is the first time that an oil company has held a tournament in Jammu & Kashmir. This is what should continue in the future, said the organisers.

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