NRLM beneficiary turns entrepreneur with her chicken poultry farm and mushroom unit in Shopian

Chidren Poultry Farm sponsored by the National Rural Livelihoods Mission Shopian was started by a Shopian girl who associated with Jammu & Kashmir NRLM to start her own poultry farm. When she became successful, she started a mushroom unit too. She saw success in this venture too. A big Chidren poultry farm started when 10-12 girls from the village joined in and some loan was taken from the bank to start it. The poultry farm employs around 10 people. Even 2-3 people from Uri village come here to work, says her father. Meema Akhter who turned Entrepreneur after starting Chiden Poultry Farm said she joined NRLM and forming a group with 8-10 more helped her to form a Self Help Group facilitating her to seek loan and subsidy from the bank. The NRLM Beneficiary engaged van owners who take her high bred chickens in the van and sell them. People seem to prefer Kashmiri chicken, said the van owner. For this work they get Rs 15000 per month. Meema says when she started earning, then she began helping others to earn too. If a girl like me can start her business what is stopping men from starting their own, questions Meema. They have more power than girls and they should start a unit of their choice.

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