New ration scheme to provide extra 10 kg subsidised ration to priority families in J&K

In Jammu and Kashmir under Antyodaya Anna Yojana, 2.29 lakh families are being provided 35 kilos of free ration. In priority households, 5 kg ration per person is being provided free of cost. If there are two members in a family they will get 10 kilos, if there are three in numbers, the ration provided will be 15 kg, LG explained. Some people had met me in the recent past with a feedback complaint that the ration is not sufficient for them. It was taken into consideration how to help these people, LG said. The administration has decided on a plan. It is called the Prime Minister’s Food Supplementation for Priority Households. This is the scheme we are starting. In the plan, apart from the Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Ann Yojana providing free ration, on top of it, additional 10 kg of ration at subsidised rates will be provided to priority households. Around 14.32 lakh ration card holders are there in the priority section. The beneficiaries amount to 57 lakh 24,000 people. The maximum ceiling per family has been kept at 35 kg, informed the Lieutenant Governor. If there are four members in a family and they are getting 20 kg of free ration, the government will provide an extra 10 kg of ration at subsidised rates. The cost of the extra ration price is set at Rs 25 per kilo. Under the open market domestic sales schemes, the Indian government will buy ration at Rs 34 per kilo and provide a subsidy of Rs 9 and provide it at Rs 25 per kilo to such priority groups. Many people can ask why you are not providing wheat? There are two reasons. One, the demand for rice is more here. Secondly, in open market domestic sales schemes, wheat is not available. Whenever wheat gets available, we will provide it to families. Every aspect has been tested. The decision has been taken for giving top priority to the welfare of the poor. Every year Rs 180 crore will be spent on this yojana, LG said. The aim is to provide poor family food security and opportunity to live with dignity, LG stated. Under the guidance of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the policies have been made and special care is taken so that every poor family can lead their life with respect. The beneficiaries of the scheme said when the government announced free ration or rice, it was available for them. Till today, we have been taking ration and we are grateful to the government, the beneficiaries added. The poor people here have felt a little relief. The PM administration is trying to weed out corruption from the system. His slogan, Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ was evident during Covid when free ration was provided. Today also free ration is being provided which is of good quality, said priority family beneficiaries in Jammu and Kashmir.

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