The priest in Amarnath Gufa explains the history of the holy cave

This Dham is famous by the name of Baba Amarnath. In his court, Baba gives darshan to all his devotees. Lord Shiva, Ma Parvati and Lord Ganesh are present in the Amarnath cave and we get blessings from them. All our wishes are fulfilled by Baba and he blesses all, a priest doing puja in Amarnath cave said. May Baba look after the welfare of all devotees and bless everyone. There should be no harm in the journey, no disaster should come. And may the devotees take a lot of blessings from Baba from here. Many best wishes for the month of Sawan from us, priests in Amarnath said. May Bhole Baba do good to you, your family, the whole family and the whole world, said the priests. May Baba bless us all with good luck and lots of blessings. There is a particular kind of peace that pervades in these hills, mountains and the holy cave. We hope that kind of peace can prevail everywhere, said two pilgrims who had come from America. We got good darshan. The administration has made nice arrangements for langar, horse ride and palki rides. The walking track has been widened this time. The military is stationed every ten feet. This is how they have taken care of the yatris. Rain had halted our pilgrimage but today we had the darshan. The government has made good arrangements. The military also helps us a lot. There is no problem with food and drink, every arrangement has been done very well, pilgrims said appreciating the yatra arrangements.

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