New healthcare facilities unveiled at SDH Chadoora

The District Commissioner (DC) of Budgam inaugurated several new facilities at the Sub-District Hospital in Chadoora. These improvements include a newly constructed Operation Theatre Floor, the introduction of advanced medical equipment, the installation of a lift for better accessibility, and other essential infrastructure enhancements. The new Operation Theatre Floor is expected to significantly improve surgical capabilities, allowing the hospital to perform a wider range of procedures with greater efficiency and safety. The addition of advanced medical equipment will further enhance the quality of care provided, enabling more accurate diagnoses and better treatment outcomes. The installation of a lift is a crucial development, as it ensures easier access for patients, especially those who are elderly, disabled, or otherwise physically challenged. This will make the hospital more inclusive and user-friendly, promoting better patient flow and reducing wait times. These infrastructural advancements are part of a broader effort to upgrade healthcare facilities in the region, aiming to provide higher standards of medical care to the local population. The inauguration of these new facilities reflects the ongoing commitment of the district administration to improve public health services and ensure that the residents of Chadoora have access to modern and efficient healthcare.

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