CSIR’s floriculture mission: Transforming agriculture in Doda

Under the aegis of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research , a transformative initiative has been launched in the Doda district aimed at revolutionising local agricultural practices. As part of its comprehensive floriculture mission, CSIR has begun the distribution of marigold seeds to farmers, providing them with an opportunity to diversify their traditional crop production and potentially enhance their income. This strategic move aligns with CSIR’s broader vision of fostering sustainable agriculture and promoting economic resilience among farmers. The introduction of marigold cultivation is not merely a shift in crop pattern but a significant step towards empowering the farming community with lucrative alternatives. Marigolds, known for their vibrant colours and high market demand, especially in religious and cultural ceremonies, offer an excellent opportunity for farmers to tap into new revenue streams. The initiative is meticulously designed to address various aspects of agricultural development. CSIR is not only supplying high-quality marigold seeds but also extending technical support and training to the farmers. This encompasses best practices in floriculture, pest management, and efficient harvesting techniques, ensuring that farmers can maximize their yield and quality. By equipping farmers with the necessary knowledge and resources, CSIR aims to create a sustainable model that can be replicated in other regions facing similar agricultural challenges. Furthermore, this mission holds significant potential for socio-economic benefits. Diversifying into floriculture can lead to the creation of new jobs, particularly for women and youth in rural areas, thereby contributing to the overall development of the community. Additionally, the cultivation of marigolds can complement existing agricultural practices, allowing farmers to utilise their land more efficiently and achieve better financial stability. In essence, CSIR’s floriculture mission in Doda is a pioneering effort to transform the agricultural landscape. By introducing marigold cultivation, CSIR is paving the way for a more resilient, diversified, and economically vibrant farming sector. This initiative not only promises to uplift the livelihoods of the farmers in Doda but also sets a precedent for agricultural innovation and sustainable development across the country.

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