NCC Naval cadets resume training at Manasbal Lake after 33 years

J&K Naval Unit NCC has been in Kashmir Valley since 1965. Brigadier K S Kalsi, Group Commander NCC Group Srinagar said, naval training used to happen earlier near Manasbal and Dal Lakes.But for security reasons for the last many years we have not trained here. In fact, training was shifted to Jammu Mansar Lake. For the last few years because of the initiative of the government and security forces, the security situation has improved in Srinagar. Hence, naval training resumed at Manasbal Lake. The NCC naval cadets are happy that after 33 years, a naval camp has once again been set up at Manasbal Lake. They are learning many activities like boat pulling, swimming, sailing, etc. Ashish Kotwal, an NCC Cadet said, our relation with Kashmiri cadets is getting strong as we are staying together, eating together and doing activities together. In the camp. At the camp, ST cadets are 67 and SWOs are 37 in numbers. Govind Sharma, another NCC Cadet said that at Manasbal camp it is easy for Kashmiri cadets and for us too. Brigadier K S Kalsi said now Kashmiri cadets won’t have to go to Jammu for training as a nearby training facility at Manasbal is now available.

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