Naristan as a tourist village will highlight its oldest temple in Jammu & Kashmir

In 1965 we read in our Kashmiri books that there exists a temple in Naristan in Tral, Pulwama. But since then till now, no progress has been made for its development, says Muhammed Subhan Mir, a local of Pulwama in Jammu & Kashmir. This temple existed 1400 years ago. We have heard from our seniors that it is an ancient old temple. Ghulam Hassan Gorsi says, the temple has dilapidated but now renovation and development work is going on. The residents of Naristan are happy that the village has been identified as a tourist village by the government. People come from Srinagar to see the temple. A lot of visitors come from abroad too. The road needs to be developed to adjacent Tarsar, Marsar and Nagberan village so that the youth of these areas can find employment opportunities. Junaid Ahmad says the Naristan temple is Jammu & Kashmir’s oldest temple and no other better place can be visited from a tourist point of view.

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