Mission Life in Tral, Pulwama, J&K: A Green Initiative to Preserve the Future

Several tree planting activities were carried out under Mission Life in Tral, Pulwama district of Jammu & Kashmir. We are persuading people to plant trees, said Manzoor Ahmad, Divisional Forest Officer in Tral, Pulwama. We are making them aware of how long can humans survive without trees? It is everyone’s duty to plant trees, said Aamir, Dist. Sec. Hindustan Scouts. If there were no trees, there would have been many problems in our lives. Where there are trees it is not so hot. Aijaz Ahmad Meer, a student says, we must participate in these activities at each and every level. The Divisional Forest Officer said we can feel the pure air under a tree. Tree planting is for our betterment, firstly, the environment will be good and we will save something for the coming generations.

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