LG Sinha to IIM Jammu students: Create a better future deeply rooted in our glorious past

I know building a dream in a heart is bigger than building a physical structure in this world, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha while addressing the 2023 batch of graduating students of Indan Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu. You are entering into a phase in your life that will provide you small little moments to turn your ideas into big reality. A change, a transformation that the society and the world is expecting from you. I will say you are graduating in a perfect time to create a better future deeply rooted in our glorious past, LG said. A professor once said that if you did not know history you didn’t know anything. You are a leaf that did not know that it was part of a tree, LG said. You represent a generation that has Vedas in one hand and Artificial Intelligence in the other. The best balance of these two will make you stand out, LG said to the IIM students. In today’s competitive environment, this quality will provide you an edge and what IIM Jammu is known for. In the marketing language, brand recall value and brand repositioning is of great importance. IIM Jammu branding will help you all in your journey. It is a matter of happiness that you are entering your field of work at such a time. Under the guidance of the PM Narendra Modi, not only India is progressing towards becoming the world’s most powerful economy but also becoming the world’s biggest knowledge economy and eager to get the title of largest economy. And I believe it’s only a few steps away, LG said. Such institutions will take us forward in this direction. The PM has given the youth not only the gift of National Education Policy but also the strong platform of Digital India and its powerful tools. From the unique combination of human capabilities and artificial intelligence, the youth can fulfil their aspirations, resolutions and dreams to make the nation proud, LG said. The Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said, in Tier II and Tier III cities, the situations that are building up during the BJP rule and as the PM says, talent is not restricted to big cities. Talent just does not grow by a person’s upbringing in big cities. It is not possible to grow talent by studying in big cities either. And Jammu IIM has proved it. You deserve congratulations, said the minister to IIM Jammu students.

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