LG Sinha Inaugurates CT Scan Centre at 92 Base Hospital, Srinagar, Honours Sacrifice of Armed Forces

For National Defence Academy personnel, service is the only goal of their life. Sacrifice is the honour of their life. For such a military force whatever this country, society or institutions can do, I think it will be less in comparison to their sacrifice, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir while inaugurating a state-of-the-art CT Scan Centre at 92 Base Hospital, Srinagar. And I believe that there is no other institution in the country or the world where every person is ready to die for the country, LG said. I feel that the feeling of self-sacrifice is not seen so strong and intense anywhere else. I salute the sacrifice and penance of the army, LG said. And I have to say that the initiative taken by providing this facility to such guards of bravery and sacrifice is an opportunity to express our gratitude to show their brave contribution for the country. Under the guidance of the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, India carried out ‘Mera desh Meri Mati’ programme to honour the martyrs. This medical facility will be effective in their diagnosis and better treatment. Let me talk about the heroic story of the army’s heroes. So it is not just the responsibility of the geographical parts of the country on their shoulders. Rather, it seems that the power of the wheel of development and progress of the country also comes from the courage of our brave soldiers, LG said. The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has truly been watered by our brave soldiers with their blood. Today, when Jammu and Kashmir is moving towards simplicity, prosperity and development in the Amrit Kaal. However, Awaam and all the citizens need to realise that development is possible only when economic institutions can function in a secured atmosphere. And I say again and again that without peace, development is not possible anywhere, LG said. Jammu and Kashmir is the result of the work being done with full dedication on the front of development and peace with these feelings. People are living as per their wish without any fear. They are also contributing in the Amrit Kaal. Even after 1947, our brave soldiers and officers took a long time to reach this point in this journey. Our brave soldiers and officers have not only given a strong reply to the terrorism spread by the neighboring country but they have also ensured that the people can live a peaceful life.

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