LG Praises Visionary Planners & Architects’ Role in India’s Transformation | JK Architecture Awards

LG Praises Visionary Planners & Architects’ Role in India’s Transformation | JK Architecture Awards I congratulate all the talented architects, designers and visionary planners present at this prestigious JK Architecture Award event, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. The environment of our country has completely changed in the last nine-ten years. I would like to praise all those who, with their skills, with their art, with their vision and science, have contributed in strengthening the self-reliant and aspirational India. I see how our India has been a leader in creating many things. We run away from our past, it is true that we do not live in the past, but by learning from the past and adopting some principles from the past, we can create a better present and future, LG said. The mindset of the society, especially the Indian, has changed. He is proud of his culture. If professionals like you tell about your heritage to older children, then I believe that there will definitely be an awareness, LG added. Rana Pratap Singh ji had mentioned in a letter that architecture does not just mean building a building…it is a great art which can give any empty space the desired shape and give it existence. Sometimes we might not understand that an architect was drawing sketchy lines on paper while holding in his grip the best infrastructure for building the best-in-class housing nation. There is an old saying that after the foundation of the house, look at the arc of the door for its strength. And hence the architect is the pillar of strength on whose shoulders lies the responsibility of creating the necessary and better infrastructure for the development of the country to fulfill the needs of everyday life. Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has inaugurated the Atal Setu bridge in Mumbai, that is also a proof of the art practice of all of you. The world’s highest railway bridge has been built here on Chenab in Jammu and Kashmir, which is also a great example of the combined efforts of architecture and engineering. Work on 100 smart cities is going on in the country. The kind of urban space, green space, pedestrian space, green homes that are being created by the fusion of modern technology and art, I would like to give credit to all of you architects and the entire professional community in the way sustainable living is being promoted, LG said. Some work of urban transformation has also been done in Srinagar. And some work has started in Jammu also. I hope that in the coming future, professional architects like you will contribute significantly to the urban revival and contribute to the development of India by creating new infrastructure. Today, technological innovation has provided a lot of convenience to all of you. There are many things you are doing through natural light solar power while building homes or infrastructure. You can give it a new direction. The per capita glass consumption in our country is around 2 kg. And it is expected that in the coming days, the per capita consumption will increase to 3 to 4 kg. Glass consumption, solar window panel innovation has also provided a new commercial market. A new type of revolution has also come in the energy and construction industry, LG said. Just as transparent solar panels can be used in more and more glass windows, you get a fresh start with your design. Almost 30% of electricity demand can be met through glass windows. Artificial Intelligence and various technologies of Industry 4.0 revolution will make the delivery of innovative designs more affordable. You can transform the potential of all new technologies into positive economic and social benefits so that sustainable economy can quickly achieve social and environmental goals Today, through Gati Shakti, the PM has made an effort to give a new impetus to the development of the nation. Around 107 lakh crore worth of National Masterplan Infrastructure is definitely going to bring an unprecedented change in our country in the coming days. I hope that your art and technology together will bring a new type of mobility in the society. How many industrial corridors and defence corridors are being built in the country today? How many mega parks are being built? By combining art and material, such houses are built which are both luxury and sustainable keeping in mind the reality of climate change. I am sure that you will make a very important contribution to this noble cause with your creative power and innovative ability. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to JK Cement who has rendered incomparable service to the ultimate cause of architecture.

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