LG Manoj Sinha at Shri Kashi Vidwat Parishad Foundation: Jammu Celebrates Rich Spiritual Heritage

Since ancient times, Jammu has been considered as the center of faith. And from this center of faith, it has always given new direction, new consciousness and new energy to the society. And this energy has done a very honourable job of connecting people, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha at the foundation day of J&K Shri Kashi Vidwat Parishad in Jammu. I understand that this is the state of consciousness which has been given as a gift to the humanity of the world in our Sanskrit thousands of years ago. The beauty of the supreme peak of consciousness that people have seen and lived is this India. Today this thing surprises everyone that when our country reached the pinnacle of spiritual consciousness, the western countries were living in the stone age. And till that time social order had not even developed. And at that time India was the sacred land. Even today, India is not just a geographical location on the global map but a vibrant energy region which has been striving for self-control for thousands of years, for the welfare of the world and for being one with India. To awaken new life in the consciousness of the society and to inspire the search for conscience for humanity. And that’s why we should be proud that we are citizens of this country, LG said, where from time immemorial the entire society has been engaged in the search of energy of truth and conscience at every step. And at every step, our culture has considered it the basic duty of a person to provide light for the welfare of the world and to guide others, LG said.

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