LG Flags Off Gyanodaya Express | A New Era for Higher Education Begins in Jammu & Kashmir

LG Flags Off Gyanodaya Express | A New Era for Higher Education Begins in Jammu & Kashmir Today, College on Wheels- Gyanodaya Express in Jammu & Kashmir is on the journey of experiencing knowledge and science, said the Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha while flagging off the Gynaodaya Express. With this beginning, the higher education sector in Jammu and Kashmir has started a new chapter, LG said. This day of spiritual and cultural progress of Jammu and Kashmir will move ahead with great speed. Today is also a day of celebration of the new momentum gained in the spread of knowledge. To strengthen the foundation of transdisciplinary education beyond the barriers of university campus class rooms, to learn from experience, to learn from different scriptures of India, to learn from different cultures, to live the courage of discovery and the courage to achieve the science of learning. The journey of choosing the peaks of lifelong learning to know oneself will truly prove to be the greatest pilgrimage for all the students, LG said. I would like to say that through Gyanodaya Express, the girls of Jammu and Kashmir are getting the opportunity to build their own existence. In the last three-four years, our girls, mothers and sisters have made unprecedented contribution in the reconstruction and development of this union territory, LG said. And especially if I talk about education and entrepreneurship, they have done it to the best of their abilities. I see the new sun rising in the lives of my girls through education. I feel their free consciousness. Due to which the new stream of independent thinkers have taken new goals and new resolutions in Jammu & Kashmir, said the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha said.

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