Langar Caretakers Embrace LG Manoj Sinha as Family, Gaining Valuable Lessons in Putting Others First

The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha visited the Varanasi langar organised in Chandanwari base camp for the 2023 Shri Amarnathji yatris. The LG belonging to UP, Varanasi interacted with the folks from Banaras and enquired on his friends. But the langar walas observed that the LG went to inspect all the langars. He is like a state guardian to everyone. At the Gujarat bhandara, he enquired in Gujarati ‘Kem cho’? And answeed in Gujarati ‘Maja Ma’. The biggest thing is that he looks after people and cares for them a lot, said the langar caretakers. He cares for others. This is a great sign of the kindness of our LG. LG’s vision is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. According to the LG, everyone is family whether they are Muslim, Isaai or Parsi. We all are brothers, is his philosophy. The vision of our leader is so good. It makes me happy to see this, said the langar caretaker. By watching all this, we are getting a chance to learn. This is how we will learn from the elders. We are getting to see good things. He is teaching us to look at yourself later and to look at others first. We do not feel that we are sitting with the Governor, it seems that we are sitting with a common member of the house. In the midst of all, the Lieutenant Governor is giving his affection, love and blessings to us.

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