Kulgam ITI Centre is skill training women to set up independent units

At the Kulgam ITI centre in Jammu & Kashmir, women are taught practicals in cutting, stitching and tailoring. Moreover, designing is taught along with embroidery. We teach them skills on the basis of which women can earn their own livelihood. The central government and the state government heads along with the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir and the Director and Principal Secretary of the Skill Development and the DC Kulgam and the Superintendent are all giving a lot of focus on the skill development and training of women to make them educated and independent enough to set up their own units. The most beneficial aspect of the skill training is that women can apply for government jobs or they can establish their own private set up. We also take their resumes and through our placement cell we try our best to place them for suitable positions. At the ITI centre, the candidates are taught theories about dressmaking, cutting and stitching. This is a golden chance for women at the centre to earn their own income.

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