Khadi & Village Industries helping youth in Anantnag set up own avenues of self-employment

Ahmed Dar, a Managing Director of a Paper Napkin company in Anantnag says that the financial support was provided by KVI, Khadi & Village Industries. Tanvir Ahmed, Director of ECO Guard Paper Napkin says, a friend asked me to approach KVI. He said its doors are open. We went there and talked to KVI people and they turned out to be nice. They supported us financially. These days, the youth complain about unemployment. According to me, the youth of Kashmir can do work of their own. Mostly young people are engaged 12-14 hours on their mobiles. They waste their time.

I would like to give this message to the youth: Do not waste your time. Utilise the time in starting your business. The government is supportive and there are many schemes of the Central Government which will support you. The youth need to make up their minds. If you are not able to find anything suitable, you can come here and we will give you motivation, support and ideas on how to start your business.

– Kashmir Ahead

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