Kashmir’s young rapper Humaira Jan is a voice of freedom for the girls

Badlega lihaz bhi, badlega itihaas bhi, badlega samaj bhi, badlega sab aaj hi… Rapper Humaira Jan from Ganderbal district of Jammu & Kashmir says, people come up with negative comments. Some people used to say that you are a girl and you should not use social media. And you are spoiling the name of our village and Kashmir’s name. Still I am progressing ahead in this field and I want my message to reach every person. The 13-year-old Rap star Humaira Jan is just beginning her journey. She sings about serious issues in her rap songs. This has created a sensation on social media. Humaira says she started rapping when she was in class 2 but she never took it seriously. But when she got an opportunity she thought it was a better chance to bring desired changes. I wish society and its thinking would change. And I want to bring changes in people through my rap songs. I want to bring changes in the history of Kashmir. Her father is employed as a government driver in the health department. Mehraj-ud-din Magray, Humaira’s father says, we should not differentiate between sons and daughters. Both come from the same set of parents and should be treated equally. Humaira’s entry into the male stronghold is the picture of changing Kashmir.

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