Kashmir’s Cricket Bat Industry Survives Through Generations, Empowering Local Economy

We are carrying on this work for many generations. I have been into this for around 20 years, said a cricket bat manufacturer in Awantipora, Jammu & Kashmir. Wood for bat comes from Srinagar or Baramulla or other states. Local sawyers from Anantnag and Pulwama do sawing of the wood first. After sawing, the wood for bat is dried for at least eight months. After eight months, cutting is done according to different sizes and grades. Then these are manufactured into bats. With the new generation doing this work, around 50% of the bats are manufactured in Kashmir. In the past 10 years it was not possible. Earlier only 5% of the bats were made in Kashmir and 95% were made outside. Like we send raw material to Jammu, Kathua or out of the state. The bat manufacturer praised the youth for doing a lot of hard work in this field of manufacturing. The handle in these bats comes from Singapore. It is made of cane. Now we have installed machinery and we thank the government too for playing a supporting role. After the adoption of these machineries, good bats were manufactured in Kashmir. The cricket bats from Kashmir go to all corners of the country with great pride. From the bat manufacturing unit, around 50, 000 people are obtaining livelihood. Eighty percent of the locals are employed as labours and workers. If the government looks after the youth well they will not need to run after government jobs, said the bat manufacturer in Awantipora, Jammu & Kashmir.

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