Kashmir’s Big Change in the Everyday Life of Common Man Highlights Internal & External Progress

The Round Table Conference is happening at such a time that to understand its extent it is necessary to see both the internal and external changes in Jammu and Kashmir, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir addressing the Round Table Conference. In the last few months some incidents have happened like successfully organising G20, a two-day conference of Chief Justices of all states and judges of the Supreme Court across the country, a three-day conference of Dairy Ministers of all States and Dairy Ministers of Government of India. These happened in the last two months in Srinagar, LG said. A big change has come in Jammu and Kashmir under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here, one crore forty lakh people are living a happy life with free mind, without any problem, without any fear and without any pressure, LG stated. I think there has been a change in thinking and this change is a change for peace. And there has been a big change in the everyday life of the common man. I believe that the aspiration of the society produces oxygen for development, LG said. And the seed of this aspiration was sown four years ago by the respected Prime Minister of India. Earlier, markets closed after six o’clock, people were not seen on the road, there used to be silence, now restaurants are also opening till late night. Even today if you go to the banks of Jhelum, you will see young people eating ice cream, playing guitar and enjoying music. Many changes have taken place, the system of discrimination which was there has completely ended. All citizens have got equal opportunities for development and improving their quality of life and it is being tried in every way, LG said. And every effort is being made to ensure that the rule of law is established. Efforts are being made to make Jammu and Kashmir fear-free, corruption-free, drug-free and employment-rich. The common citizen and society of Jammu and Kashmir can live free from all kinds of shackles and live on their own terms in a free environment. And efforts are being made to provide them all kinds of opportunities, said the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

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