Kashmiri Youth Blossoms into Entrepreneur with PMEGP | A Dairy Farming Success Story in Budgam

Kashmiri Youth Blossoms into Entrepreneur with PMEGP | A Dairy Farming Success Story in Budgam The Prime Minister Employment Generation (PMEGP) Programme is helping the unemployed youth by giving loans. The unemployed youth can thus start their own business. The main goal is to create employment opportunities. This programme helps SCT, ST, physically disabled and women to avail maximum subsidy. Today, the youth of Kashmir are not idle waiting for government jobs. They know that the government is backing them to start their own business. Kashmir Ahead team met a youth in Lalpora, Budgam in Jammu & Kashmir who opened his own dairy farm. There are many youths like him who have become job givers and not job takers. This young dairy owner gives jobs to two other people along with himself so that they too can run their household. This is the Prime Minister Employment Guarantee Programme said the Lalpora dairy youth owner. This programme is for the youth to start up, get up. The government is giving opportunities to the youth to start their own business through PMEGP. The government is also providing subsidy. The financial assistance helps me to pay back less. This helps me to grow my business as well as reduce the burden of my EMIs. Thus we are getting a two-level benefit from the government said the dairy owner in Lalpora, Budgam district of Jammu & Kashmir. So we took advantage of that. This way I have become an entrepreneur and I provide employment too. Currently. I have 19 animals and I want to increase the count to fifty. From the core of my heart, I love this passion of dairy farming. Before opening the dairy farm, I did a lot of research for a year-and-a-half through social media, YouTube, health booth. I tried to gain knowledge from the big dealers of Punjab. Tried to hold back the crowd. I have to learn a lot in this field. It is like an ocean. I feel, the more time we give, the more we will learn. Lalpora is the second biggest village in district Budgam as per land and population. There are six big dairy farms here. I am a Muslim and for me Allah is supreme. The one who is supreme below is the government, isn’t it, said the dairy owner? The government thinks about the welfare of everyone. The government also thinks good of everyone so we should take advantage of it. Modi Govt’s focus is on agriculture sector. If we want to grow the country then we have to bring forward the agriculture sector, said the dairy owner. Only then will our economy be boosted. When I was dependent, I used to yearn. Now that I have started a unit, I feel proud if someone gets their livelihood from me, said the Lalpora dairy owner.

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