Ayushman Bharat SEHAT Card Saving Lives in J&K | PM Modi’s Rs 5 Lakh Guarantee to Underprivileged

Ayushman Bharat SEHAT Card Saving Lives in J&K | PM Modi’s Rs 5 Lakh Guarantee to Underprivileged This Ayushman Bharat SEHAT card is a guarantee of Rs 5 lakh for the treatment of the poor, said the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. And this is Modi’s guarantee. Kashmir Ahead team went on the ground in J&K to find out whether Modi’s guarantee is working. A caregiver said his mother was sick for two years then he brought her to the Government hospital. The hospital staff asked him whether he had Ayushman Bharat Card. Thankfully, I possessed one, said the caregiver. His mother’s surgery happened on the card. I am poor earning around Rs 300-400 per day. So I did not have money for her surgery. We got free medicines on the Ayushman card. The staff was helpful and facility is good in the hospital. I am happy that my mother’s surgery went well and she is recovering. Had the Ayushman card not been there I would not have been able to get the surgery done. I am thankful to the government for this help, said the caregiver, a resident of J&K. In another case, a woman was troubled for two months by a stone in her gall bladder. Then she was taken to GMC Rajouri by her family. A doctor was consulted for her surgery. The doctor confirmed that a surgery was required. A family member said that had they got the surgery done via a private hospital the cost would have come to around Rs 1 lakh. We are here for fifteen days. The medication is free and the staff is cooperative. The nurses and doctors checked her up from time to time and extended their help in getting her well. The surgery happened through Ayushman Bharat Card. We did not even have to spend one rupee and we are grateful to the Government of India for it. In another case, a patient said that both his kidneys are in bad condition and he undergoes dialysis. Had I done it outside in a private hospital I would have to bear Rs 40,000—50,000 per month. Here, I get my dialysis free of cost. The staff is good and they take good care of me. I am thankful to the government for this facility of Ayushman Bharat Sehat Card through which even free of cost dialysis is possible, said a dialysis patient in Jammu & Kashmir.

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