Kashmir remembers 19-yr-old Maqbool Sherwani’s sacrifice to save Srinagar from Pakistani Kaballis

Lieutenant Governor J&K, Shri Manoj Sinha paid condolences to martyr Maqbool Sherwani by laying a floral wreath to pay tributes to the brave 19-year-old freedom fighter from Baramulla, Srinagar. Maqbool Sherwani was a Kashmiri Muslim youth and National Conference member who delayed the march of Pakhtoon tribesmen from Pakistan and rebel forces in Baramulla in October 1947. LG Manoj Sinha implored everyone to remember the contributions of this young man who fought the barbaric atrocities perpetrated by the Pakistani government and its army and changed the course of 1947 war between India and Pakistan. He saved Srinagar from the Pakistani Army who had attacked Kashmir. He single handedly tackled the advance of thousands of Pakistani raiders (Kaballis) from Baramulla, thus giving ample time to the Indian Army to reach Srinagar and save Kashmir. He went on his bike telling the Kaballis who had captured Baramulla on Oct 22, 1947 not to proceed towards Srinagar as the Indian Army had reached the borders of Baramulla. His trick worked and the enemy did not advance. When the Pakistani Kaballis came to know about the bluff, they shot Maqbool Sherwani dead on November 7, 1947 and crucified him. He was put on a wooden cross, nailed and fired upon 10-15 times. He hung there dead for three days. When the Indian Army reached Baramulla, his body was brought down and buried in full military honours. His brave act gave the Army time to prepare for the historic Battle of Shalateng, near Srinagar. Over 700 raiders were killed there. Sherwani’s contribution changed the course of the 1947 operations and turned the tide in India’s favour.

The LG said today, we need to reflect upon his supreme sacrifice and honour such brave hearts who save lives and not take lives. This youth sacrificed his life to save the lives of thousands of innocent Kashmiri women and children from killings. Maqbool Sherwani was a hero in real sense who protected the pride of Tiranga.

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